"Working with Mike is super easy. I never feel like I'm bothering him. He takes the time to do the job right because he cares and listens to what I have to say and picks my brain to make sure I'm happy with the outcome of the project. I've worked with him multiple times and he can turn a pebble into a pearl. I'm grateful to have someone so knowledgeable in my corner and he never kills me on the price. Working with Mike, I'm confident that he will take my creation to the next level. Whether it's me and an acoustic guitar or me with an in your face loud rock band I call on him to finalize the project. Comfortable and easy, he gives a damn."


"One thing that we have learned is that nobody in the music business wants to hear a demo-it's all about production, and if you want to get somewhere in the competitive world of music, your song's production, and sound, better be top-notch. Mike Rogers has an amazing ear for not only a song's production and sound, but for its structure and format. Meeting Mike was truly a blessing. Before working with Mike we were shopping demos to publishers with little success. Now our single, 'Everything Is Alright,' which Mike remixed & mastered is getting radio play in the UK, Australia, Canada & the U.S. Basically, Mike took our demo and not only made it radio ready, but he made it a record that can compete with anything in the pop rock genre. Also, Mike is the nicest and most thorough guy we've come across in this business. He is exceptionally easy to work with and will make your song something that you are very happy with and proud of. We would recommend him to any artist or band looking to get their foot in the door of this highly competitive business called music!"

-Neil And Adam

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