Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the best solution for your budget.


- Included In Your Session -

  • The cost is $100 per song.
  • Includes unlimited revisions.
  • What ever formats are needed. Such as 24bit and 16bit WAV and AIF, AAC, and MP3 etc.
  • DDP and CD layouts

Additional Mastering Files - Optional

  • Heavily Revised Mixes to be Mastered - $20 (If your revised mix is simply a vocal up or down, or some other very small change, I will not charge extra for revisions.)
  • Additional alternate Mixes to be Mastered - $10 (TV, Instrumental, and Revised Mixes)
  • Hard copy CD Master - $20 includes shipping (add $10 for international shipping.)

If you are confused by any of the information, feel free to contact me directly for further explanation.


Because Mixes tend to bring a unique set of circumstances and challenges that are project specific, please contact me and let's come up with a plan that meets your goals both creatively and financially.

Record production

Production is were art meets science, and were all aspects of my skills come together. Production can be many things. I can simply be the fly on the wall, and from time to time injecting a fresh perspective. Or I can literally be every aspect of the process, both creatively and technically. Because of the complexities of full-on productions, its necessary to talk about your project's creative and financial expectations.